PAL ORIGINAL – A trainer’s aid for world-class football exercises!

Our innovative training tool within football – the mobile football board PAL Original – is the tool for functional technique training in football. With our tool, trainers can develop match-like football exercises which are suitable for everyone. Anyone from football professionals to children and youth players can use PAL Original for their football training!

The football exercises developed by the trainer using PAL Original allow many opportunities for ball contact, and are also a great fun way to train. Both these elements together with two-goal game training are among the most important ways to develop as a football player.
PAL Original presents a challenge for everyone – professional football players included. The all-important first touch and player's passing game are elements that are repeatedly challenged and developed by using PAL Original.

Stimulate players to self-train!
The football tool PAL Original is also the best aid for a football player's self-training i.e. the training that players organise themselves. Without a trainer or an opponent, the football player can practise all the technical skills in football and create those situations experienced by the player in a match. All the best football players in the world always testify to how much they have practised by themselves. In the development of PAL Original we have used functionality and convenience of use as our base concepts. A youth player can effortlessly manage and create football exercises with PAL Original on their own.

PAL Original is used today by FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Fiorentina etc. for their player development in their senior, child and youth activities.


  • Unlimited possibilities for you as trainer to vary football exercises
  • Can be used on all surfaces
  • Hardwearing and durable
  • Easy to assemble, move, transport and store
  • PAL Original is, from concept to final product, entirely developed and produced in Sweden

A PAL Original set consists of:
- 3 PAL walls
- 3 anchoring poles
- 4 push-on balls (3 black and 1 red protection ball for the volley position)
- 1 PAL exercise series
- 1 user manual

Price: SwedishEK 3196:- 


World Wide patent:
DES. REG: 1704925

Play the video clip here in the small player (or click here to go directly to the YouTube channel, PAL TV).